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#InclusiveSnacking is very important to me as a person with food allergies. There have been many of times where even with so much food around, there was nothing for me to eat! #Inclsuivesnacking makes it so everyone can enjoy themselves fully knowing there are safe options available.


#Inclusivesnacking is important because we need a healthy option to snack.  There's so many unhealthy choices out there compared to foods that are good for you.


#Inclusivesnacking matters to me as the mom of child with Autism.  It has given me the depth to understand a range of nutritional concerns that all caregivers have for the exceptionalities of the children they love.


#InclusiveSnacking is important to me because I have medical issues that make it necessary to eat clean & healthy because I want tasty to go with clean & health @OhhFoods is the teastiest way to snack.

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#InclusiveSnacking is important to me because nobody should have to be excluded from having delicious snacks because of allergies!


Everyone should have the opportunity to enjoy delicious food without fear, or being left out, feeling deprived! #InclusiveSnacking